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Supply Logistics made available  within and outside China for both domestic and overseas cargoes!!
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Distribution Centre
 Commodities from either China or overseas are processed and distributed to designated recipients!!
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Distribution Processing/Cargo Inspection ( Functions of EG Logistics  Centres in China)Integrated transportation including distribution processing from factories in China to doors in Japan!!
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2) Import/Export Agency Services (Sales/Purchase Agency Services)
Customs Clearance Services/ Customs Clearance Support
  • Import/Export customs clearance
  • Customs clearance agency services in factories or at ports
  • Document preparation services
Import/Export Agency Services (Sales/ Purchase Agency Services)
  • Import/Export agency services (Foreign currency transfer services included)
  • Agency services for sales/ purchase with Chinese counterparts (CNY transactions included)
  • Document preparation services
  • Import Customs/ VAT advancement payment agency services
→ 1.Customs Clearance Performed on Behalf of Non-residents

We undertake customs clearance services for shippers abroad or shippers who cannot reach the designated locations.

2.Import/Export Agency Services (Sales/Purchase Agency Services)

Our import/export and trading agency services performed by using our import/export licensure make direct businesses with Chinese counterparts available. Meanwhile, we handle foreign currency transfers and CNY transactions.

3.Collective Customs Clearance Services

By performing customs clearance in bulk within the designated time period , customs clearance upon individual shipments can be omitted.
*Note: Approval from customs office is required.

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Consolidated Cargo Transport CFS Services provided by EG bases in Dongguan – “Workshop of the World”
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Long-distance Shuttle Service We offer regular long-distance delivery services from Dongguan and Taicang to locations in Hong Kong and other parts of China!!
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Immediate Issuance of  Custom Debenture Immediate reimbursement after warehousing in  export supervised warehouses  becomes available!!


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